Race 4 was ran yesterday. We didn't have a very good turnout but had some good close racing. We had 8 Nascar's and 2 Sprint cars.

In Nascar we did 4 in the A-main and 2 bumps from the B-main. Andy Koback and Chad Mowery took the transfer spots to the A-main. In the A-main Pete Richards had some troubles right off the bat and ended his race early. Late in the race Pete Busch found the plow disc and lost several laps there. Mike Lemancyk's car was on a rail all day, he won the A-main and set a new track record in qualifying.

We have had a couple of issues lately during race days while the scoring system is in practice mode in between qualifying rounds. Consider this a new rule effective immediately.

You are only allowed to practice your car(s) for the classes you are racing that day.

Example: If you bring a Legends and a Nascar but Legends class didn't have enough entries to run please do not go out and practice your Legends. There is no need to do so.

You are welcome to come on open practice days or stay after the racing is finished to run your other cars. The track is always open for at least an hour after racing is finished and we usually have several open practice days per season.

I also ask that you be respectful when going out to practice in between qualifying rounds. If there are several cars out there already, set your car on the track well out of the run line and wait for them to finish. I assure you they shouldn't be out there for more than 4-5 minutes.

We certainly don't want to have to start doing controlled practices for classes. We also don't want guys getting upset and not wanting to come because they're getting taken out during practice.



Well I got to the track a little late this morning. The track was already together. The run line has been increased by around 15-20' depending on where you want to run.

We had nascars and sprints out practicing. In nascar we had a fast lap of 3.795 seconds from Mike L. They'll probably beat that but that was fast lap when I was there.

The track seemed to come around pretty quickly. There will also be open practice this coming Friday with race 1 on Saturday! -Chad

There are some changes to the Nastruck class. They will be using a hand out motor. Please see the Nastruck Motor rules on the Rules page.

Also there are some general rule changes and reminders.

  1. No more inverted starts inside for all classes. You will start the main where you qualified.
  2. Everyone MUST use a pit mat or towel. You MUSTclean your table before you leave.
  3. Registration will close at 11:45am on race days. Make sure you register before 11:45am.
  4. The track will be closed at 11:45am. This is to ensure racers are ready to begin promptly at 12:00pm. No practice will be allowed from 11:45am-12:00pm.
  5. There will be no break between rounds 1 and 2.
  6. There will be a 15 minute break after round 2 to do the resort for round 3. Practice will be open during this time but you better make sure you are ready to go after the break.
  7. If you are not ready during a heat round we will not wait for you. There is more than enough time to make sure you are ready to go.
  8. There will be 15-30 minute break after round 3 before the mains. Practice will be open during this time but again, you better be ready for your main.

We need to implement these time rules because days are getting drawn out and everyone wants to finish at a reasonable time. Not to mention some guys come from pretty far away and have a long drive home.

Most important thing to take from this... focus on getting your stuff ready to go first and foremost. If you're ready to go then you can socialize with the other racers.

If you're going to run multiple classes watch the race sheets closely. If you are running back to back make sure you have both cars ready to go before you start your first class. You can prep tires and have batteries charged still in plenty of time, no excuses. When you get done your first class all you should have to do is pick up you second class car, turn it on and put it on the track.