2017-18 Winter Series Rule Changes

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With the 2017 Summer Series wrapped up, we look to the 2017-18 Winter Series.

There are several rule changes and additions this winter.

17.5 Nastruck Rubber Tires: We will have a new 17.5 Nastruck class that will use the CRC mounted rubber tires, SKU 2314. This class also allows any 1 cell Lipo and any 17.5 motor.

17.5 Nastruck Foam Tires: In addition to the 17.5 Nastruck rubber tires class we will still have our normal 17.5 Nastruck class that uses World GT Spec foams. We will have separate points for each class. This class can use any 17.5 motor. The SMC 4000, and 4300 1 cell Lipo, as well as Fantom TOUR 4600 1 cell Lipo are allowed.

13.5 Nascar: We’ve decided not to run 13.5 Nascar this winter. The track is a little too tight and cars unstable. If we ran more frequently and didn’t have things going on in between races maybe we could get more bite in the track but it proved difficult last winter.

17.5 Nascar: We will be running 17.5 Nascar, only allowed motor will be the 17.5 Tekin Gen3 RPM. You can run the SMC 4000, or 4300 1 cell Lipo. We’re also allowing the new Fantom TOUR 4600 1 cell packs.

Summary, here are the points classes we will have this winter:

  1. Bomber
  2. 17.5 Nastruck Rubber Tires
  3. 17.5 Nastruck Foam Tires
  4. 17.5 Nascar
  5. Short Course Modified
  6. Sprint Car

As we’ve always said, 3 cars make a class. If you do not see a class listed and want to run just get 2 others and we’ll make it happen.

I will update the actual WRCRC Rule Book as soon as I can. In the meantime if anyone has any rule questions please ask Russ or Chad.

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