2018-19 Winter Indoor Carpet Oval

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The 2018-19 Indoor schedule has been posted.

The 2018 Summer Series points have been posted.

Rule changes/fixes/updates that are not reflected in the Rulebook yet:

1) Break out times were 4.5 – 4.8  second laps.
2) traction compounds, NO oils indoors.
1) Motor,  any ROAR legal 17.5
2) Tires, CRC rubber tire sets allowed indoors and outdoors.
3) Traction compounds, no oils indoors.
SK Spec
1) Tires, CRC rubber tires sets allowed indoors and outdoors.
2) Traction compounds, NO oils indoors.
1) Class director = Russ Collins 262-679-4496 or 414 690-0359
2) Body- Side dam is allowed outside. Dimensions are: 5 inch long at the base, 1 +3/8 high with a 1/2 inch wide mounting base. Front angle is 45 degrees, back edge can be slightly angled to more closely match the rear spoiler angle.
Sprint car:
 1) Motor: Outside- any 13.5

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