Radio Control racing is an extremely fun and satisfying hobby. However, it can be very intimidating on how to get into it.

The easy part is figuring out which class you want to run. Some classes are better for beginners than others. However, if a specific class peaks your interest you can certainly jump right in.

The hard part is figuring out what chassis manufacturer and type to purchase. Even if you figure that out actually finding out where to purchase them can be sometimes challenging.

If you’ve picked your chassis then you need to find out what the rules are where you want to race. That will help you determine which electronics you need to buy. You will need a speed controller, or ESC for short, brushless motor, radio controller, receiver, batteries, and tires.

The best advice I can provide to anyone if you are truly interested in getting into this hobby would be to come watch a race or two, talk to the other racers, find out what the majority of the guys are using where you will be racing and get what they have. That is the easiest way to ensure you can get help putting it together and with your car setup. (This is what I did. I had a relative who was big into RC racing in another state and got me interested. I stumbled upon the WRCRC, showed up at a race and started talking to the other racers. The rest is history.)

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