Race 7 – 1/15/2017

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One house keeping item that I need to address. Please keep all smoking toward the back door near the kitchen. We’ve had a few people mentioning it again.

The guys that have been running 13.5 Spec have all decided to go back to running 17.5 motors. All other rules will stay the same however you can run any ROAR approved 17.5 Stock Spec motor. The reasoning for this is there have been quite a few big wrecks and when we were running 17.5 we didn’t seem to have that problem.

Lastly, I’ve said this so many times before but during practice PLEASE be aware of other drivers on the track. If you are an SC Mod you should wait until a 13.5 Spec car is done practicing. Also, during practice ALL DRIVERS must be on the drivers stand. When you put your car on the track in the corner and are not standing on the driver stand other drivers practicing have a hard time realizing a new car is coming on to the track.

Be respectful! I’m tired of tearing up equipment due to racers being irresponsible and I’m sure others are as well.

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