Race 4 – July 16

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The next race is July 16th. Track opens at 8am and racing starts at 12pm.

In other news, we’re looking to startup a Bombers class this coming winter. This will be a breakout class, meaning you can’t exceed the lap time that we set. For example, if a 4.5 second lap is the breakout and you do a 4.0 second lap the computer will not score you that lap. The idea behind this class is it will be widely open to all racers and provide a slower pace for beginners to learn as well.

This class will have minimal rules. Any pan car chassis, any tire, any electronics, ride height minimum 4mm, must be old vintage style body.

Lastly, I redid the website again. While I liked the other design I felt it wasn’t best fir for the needs. I’m also removing the forum. Everyone is on Hobbytalk so we should just continue to use that. I will try to provide more links to it on our website here for easier access.

Sorry I don’t have any results posted from this summer season yet, I haven’t made it to the track. I hope to soon though!

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